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Intimidated by the thought of automating your home? It does sound futuristic and technical, but it doesn’t have to be any more difficult than programming your home electronics. Sure, you could rip out some walls and install new wiring, but why?
Today’s smart homes are wireless and so smart that they automatically detect and synch up with compatible appliances. All you need to do is make sure that your appliances are, in fact, compatible, and your smart home project will be a cinch.

Austin Smart Home Systems: The Future is Today!

The smart home is a mess, pure and simple. You could say that it’s more “amazing” and “connected” than ever, but really, we just have more products today than ever before. And, are more ways to connect those products, and more “walled gardens” and “once-open gardens slowly putting up walls” than ever before. When the rumors started to become a reality that Apple and Amazon (and eventually, Google) would be getting into “the smart home game”, many of us thought that they would “fix it”. They could, perhaps, use their status and influence to bring a well-designed solution using modern technologies, and the rest of the industry would just have to jump on board.

Well, that sort of happened. As in, Alexa and Google Assistant, and somewhat with HomeKit. But while one product might work with all three, those three don’t work with each other or cross-connect. And then there’s everything else: IFTTT, SmartThings, Wink, Yonomi…the list goes on.
Everyone. And I mean, everyone, has been trying to solve the compatibility problem. No one has done it yet. Competition has been both good and bad for the smart home. And it always has been.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m moving into a new home soon and want to make it smart, how do I get started?” “How do I set up smart lighting on a budget?” “Alexa hates me!” “What’s the best home security camera?”

Austin Smart Homes has helped Austin residents make their homes “smart” since you could say “Alexa, what time is it?”

Personalized Home Automation

When it comes to home automation, every homeowner has a different dream, which is why Total Home Technologies produces customized home automation plans for all of our Austin clients. We use custom applications that allow you to design your ideal home before incorporating our home automation technology.

Daily tasks can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds with a home automation system. Home automation allows you to complete routine tasks without having to do it yourself, simplifying your home life so you can concentrate on more pressing tasks.

1-on-1 Smart Home Help

The modern smart home can be confusing to set up and get up and running. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a real person to guide you through some of these challenges. Austin Smart Homes has helped people with their smart home and lighting questions for years and is available for one-on-one support via video chat.

Home Automation

Take your home to the next level with smart home automation! Control lights, adjust thermostats, and monitor security all from the click of a button. Make life easier and more efficient with this revolutionary technology.

Home Theaters

Get ready for a cinematic experience like no other! With a smart home theater, you can enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound quality from the comfort of your own living room. Let the show begin!

Home Security

Have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure. Smart home security systems can monitor and alert you of any suspicious activity, giving you ultimate protection. Keep your home safe and sound with this cutting-edge technology.

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Looking for Qube Smart Bulbs?

Qube Smart Bulbs was supposed to be a multi-color light bulb that allows you to set it to the color of your choice. QUBE was designed to be smart and was able to detect your presence when you are near it, welcoming you with the perfect lighting mood when you come home after a long day. At just $29.99, Qube would have allowed you to create smart automation and personalize your home lighting. The smart bulb was meant to sync your alarm clock and experience waking up gradually to the hues of the morning sun. Choosing the right color for the activity would have helped to create a more productive and stimulating environment. QUBE was touted to provide just that as well as to ensure that you are always in your best state in whatever you do.

Brighten up your home with QUBE Moods. Set up to 16 million colors that QUBE has to offer and let your imagination run.“ But it never happened. The company informed its Indiegogo backers that their CTO quit and they ran out of money.

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